Debian goes to Hackathon!

Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of Ultrahack as a mentor which was held in Helsinki, Finland.
Ultrahack is a combination of hackathon and startup accelerators.
As a mentor, my role was to ensure that each team have best possible chances of fulfilling the evaluation criteria for the contest. I also helped teams with the development and pitching.

It was a very exciting place to brainstorm life changing ideas and convert those ideas into working model. I met so many amazing developers who were building cool stuff. There were a few open source developers and student open source developers like me!

Being a Debian contributor, I spread the what Debian is all about. What makes it the best linux distribution. I talked to students about various programmes like GSoC and Outreachy, Debian participates as a mentoring organisation.  I also described my role as a GSoC student under Debian and the free-RTC project I worked under. Many female developers were interested in the Outreachy programme, I described the projects that Debian has currently under the Outreachy programme.

During the hackathon period, I talked to people about the upcoming annual DebConf which takes place. I  informed them that they can still apply as a speaker or for diversity bursaries and about the logo-making competition.

Thank you Debian for always supporting me!






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