Dog tails and tales from 2020

There is no denying in the fact that 2020 was a challenging year for everybody, including animals.

In India, animals such as dogs who mostly filled their bellies at street food stalls, were starving as there were no street eateries operating during a long long lockdown. I was in my home town, New Delhi, working from home like most of us.

During the month of July 2020, a dog near the place I live (we fondly called her Brownie) delivered 7 pups in wilderness.

I would never forget my first sight of them, inside a dirty, garbage filled land there were the cutest, cleanest, tiniest ball of fur! All of them were toppled as the land’s surface was uneven.. The first instinct was to put them all together on a flat surface. After the search mission completed, this was the sight..

Brownie and her litter put together in the same land where she gave birth.

The next day, I sought help from a animal-lover person to build a temporary shed for the puppies! We came and changed sheets, cleaned the surroundings and put fresh water for Brownie until… started raining heavily one night and we were worried if the shed would sustain the heavy rainfall.
Next morning the first thing was to check on the pups, luckily, the pups were fine however, the entire area and their bed was damp.

Without any second thought, the pups were moved from there to a safe house shelter as it was predicted that the rains will continue for a few more weeks due to monsoon. Soon, 2 months went by, from observing the pups crawl over, their eyes open and to their first bark, despite the struggles, it was an beautiful experience.
Brownie weaned off the pups and thus, they were ready for adoption! However, my biggest fear was, will anyone come forward to adopt them??

With such thoughts parallelly running in my mind, I started to post about adoption for these 7 pups.
To my biggest surprise, one by one, 5 amazing humans came forward and decided to give these pups a better life than what they would get on the streets of India. I wouldn’t be able to express in words how grateful I will to be all the five dog parents who decided to adopt an Indian Street Puppy/Indies/Desi Puppy, opening up the space in their hearts and homes for the pups!

One of the 5 adopted pups is adopted by a person who hails from USA, but currently working in India. It’s so heartwarming to see, that in India, despite so much awareness created against breeders and their methods, people still prefer to go for foreign bred puppy and disregard Indian/Desi Dogs.. On the other hand, there are foreigners who value the life of a Indian/Desi Dog :”)

The 5 Adopted Pups who now have a permanent loving family!

The adorable, “Robin”!
“Don” and his new big brother!

The naughty and handsome, “Swayze”!

First Pup who got adopted – “Pluto”
Playful and Beautiful, “Bella”!

If this isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is! God had planned loving families for them and they found it..
However, Its been almost six months now, that we haven’t found a permanent home for 2 of the 7 pups, but they have the perfect foster family taking care of them right now.

Meet Momo and Beesa,
2 out of the 7 pups, who are still waiting for a forever home, currently living with a loving foster family.

Vaccinations, Deworming is done.
Female pups, 6 months old.

Now as winters are here, Along with one of my friend, who is also fostering the two pups, arranged gunny sack bags for our street, stray dogs. Two NGOs namely, Lotus Indie Foundation and We Exist Foundation who work Animal Welfare in India, were providing dog beds to ground volunteers like us. We are fortunate that they selected us and helped us to make winters less harsh for the stray dogs. However, the cold is such, I also purchased dog coats as well and put in on a few furries. After hours of running behind dogs and convincing them to wear coats, we managed to put it on a few.

Brownie, the mom dog!

This is a puppy!
She did not let us put coat on her 😀

Another topic that needs more sensitivity is Sterilization/Neutering of dogs, that’s a viable method cited by the Government to control dog population and end suffering of puppies who die under the wheels of cars. However, the implementation of this is worrisome, as it’s not as robust. In a span of 6 months, I managed to get 5 dog sterilized in my area, number is not big but I feel it’s a good start as an individual 😊

When I see them now, healthier, happier, running around, with no fear of getting attacked by dogs, I can’t express the content I feel. For 2 of the dogs (Brownie and her friend) I got it done personally from a private vet. For the other 3, I got it done via Municipal Corporations who do it for free for dogs, you’d have to call them and they come with dog catchers and a van and drop them back in the same area, but volunteers like us have to be very vigilant and active during the whole process to follow up with them.

Dogs getting dropped off after sterilization.

My 2020 ended with this, I am not sure why I am I even writing this in my blog where mostly I focused on my technical work and experiences, but this pandemic was challenging was everybody and what we planned couldn’t happen, but because of 2020, because of the pandemic, I was on WFH in my city and I was able to help a few dogs in my area have a healthy life ahead! 😊

What I learned during this entire adventure was, there are a lot of sweet, sensitive, caring people that we are just yet to meet. Along the way, we will also meet insensitive and discouraging people, who are unwilling to change or listen, ignore them and continue your good.

Have 1 person by your side, it’s so much stronger than 10 against you.

Silver lining! Hope you all had some positive experiences despite the adversity faced by every single one of us.

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  1. What a kind, generous, inspiring and, given that the article is, after all, about approaching stray dogs, what a brave example you set by caring for these underappreciated but apparently lovely creatures!

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